TECHNO KOMPOSIT (rinforzi strutturali in fibra di carbonio)

Technological products for structural reinforcement and seismic adjustment

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TECHNOKOMPOSIT is the acronym to define systems specially designed to perform structural and other reinforcements of buildings, subject to serious degradation, also due to earthquakes, through the use of the technology of composite systems (reinforced fibre - FRCM) based on carbon fibres, basalt, glass and aramid.

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Special care is taken in the analysis of a single case study, in the context of increasing the performance and the useful life of existing buildings, be they recent or historical, by the minimally invasive reinforcement design which allows the improvement of the structural behaviour in terms of strength and ductility.

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The interventions from both the private and public sectors, with particularly prestigious and significant interventions next to more usual and mundane works, all informed with the most rigorous attention with regards to the technical aspects and the economic implications, in the context of the greatest ease of application, which constitutes the essential defining element of quality that is currently achievable on site.

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