Aliphatic polyurethane resin-based protective coating

Kodi: SYN.0195

Përbërësit: 2

Pamja: I lëngshëm

A protective, pigmented, two-component formulation based on aliphatic polyurethane resins, ideal as a protective and aesthetic coating on waterproofing with SYNTECH POLIUREA SPRAY. Characterised by high levels of elasticity and elevated protection, even in aggressive atmospheres. Available on request in shades from the RAL colour range.

Linee di appartenenza

Vetitë themelore


Jetëgjatësia: 12 muaj


Të përdoret me doreza mbrojtëse


Trashësia minimale e lejueshme: 125 μm


Pesha specifike: 1.18 (±0.05) kg/dm³


Raporti i përzierjes: 100:21 _


Të përdoret me syze mbrojtëse


Trashësia maksimale e lejueshme: 200 μm


Material i ndezshëm


Rezistent ndaj rrezeve UV


Temperatura e aplikimit: +7 / +35 °C


Produkt me bazë tretës

Veçoritë teknike


230 mPa

Ngurtësimi i plotë

7 ditë

Ngurtësim në prekje

20 - 26 h


53 °C

Mbetje e thatë

68 %

Amballazhime dhe përmasa

- Kanoçe 9.9 kg [A]

- Kanoçe 2.1 kg [B]

- Kit: 1 Kanoçe 9.9 kg [A] + 1 Kanoçe 2.1 kg [B]


From 0.15 to 0.25 kg of SYNTYECH POLIUREA TOP COATING for each square metre of surface to be covered.

Fushat e përdorimit

Surface coating pigmented for colouring polyurethane claddings, and their protection from UV rays (which in the absence of the top coating would alter the colour over time). After suitable priming with SYNTECH POLYUREA PRIMER, it can also be applied as a simple coloured aliphatic protective coating.

Përgatitja e shtresave

Polyurea support
Vacuum and blow the surfaces to eliminate any dust that may have accumulated in the 24-48 hours following the installation of SYNTECH POLIUREA SPRAY

Support in concrete, mortar, brick, tiles
The support on which the polyurea system must be laid must be suitable for withstanding the stresses resulting from the intended use, such as static or dynamic loads, impacts, thermo-hygrometric dilations, vibrations, etc. As regards the characteristics of the substrate (maximum humidity, cohesion, strength class, flatness, etc.) and the preparation of the surface that will accommodate the resin system, we recommend the requirements set out in chapter 5 of the UNI 10966 standard ("RESIN SYSTEMS FOR SURFACES HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL - INSTRUCTIONS FOR DESIGN AND APPLICATION "). In any case, carefully clean and degrease the surfaces, removing any kind of dirt, paint residues or incoherent parts. The humidity of the support must be <= 3%. Evaluate the most convenient type of mechanical preparation (shot peening, sandblasting, hydro-washing, etc.). The surfaces must also be free from discontinuity, and possibly leveled and regularized with products from the FLOOR line or the REPAR line. In case of presence (even suspected) of humidity deriving from capillary rising from the substrate, it is recommended to apply in advance the epoxy resin for "wet substrates" SYNTECH PAVIDAMP. Tiled floors, or floors covered with pre-existing resin, must be subjected to mechanical roughening carried out with shot blasting, milling, bush hammering, etc., until the total elimination of the waterproof crust and the opacification of the surfaces. Remove dust after abrasion.
It is recommended to use Primer from the SYNTECH POLIUREA PRIMER range. On particularly absorbent substrates, to avoid the formation of craters / blowholes on the surface of the freshly sprayed product, it is recommended to use primers from the SYNTECH POLIUREA PRIMER range, always contacting the Azichem technical staff for clarification on the most suitable type to use. Apply several layers of primer until the porosity is saturated and providing a light dusting with clean and dry quartz sand (0.4-0.7 mm). Never dust off the primer. Provide suitable elastic sealing systems to cover joints, fittings, cracks or fissures subject to significant movements.

Mënyra e përdorimit

Pour component B with component A into a single container, taking care to remove all the material from the packaging. Mix thoroughly with a mixer at low revs, until a lump-free mixture is obtained.

Apply with a roller or brush on the surfaces of SYNTECH POLYUREA SPRAY, within 24-48 hours of spreading the latter.

A thorough sanding of the supports is recommended for any repairs and/or finishes.

Mënyrat e përdorimit

- Brushë

- Rrul

Mjetet e pastrimit

- Diluent për rrëshirë

Shtresat e lejuara

- Beton

- Tulla dhe pllaka

- Nënshtresa çimentoje

- Polyurea dhe polyurethanes

Paralajmërime, masa paraprake dhe Ekologji

SYNTECH POLYUREA TOP COATING is a flammable product, solvent-based, intended exclusively for professional use in external environment, to be handled wearing appropriate protective gloves, goggles and clothing, and filtering facial guards for organic vapours with protection class FFA2. Avoid contact with the product.

Direct exposure to sunlight can cause fast and abnormal drying which may compromise the adhesion of product.

Do not apply in case of direct exposure to sunlight and/or excessive ventilation. Avoid applying in thermal conditions at risk for the formation of condensation (the temperature of the support must be at least 3°C higher than the dew point).

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