Anti-dust consolidation surface treatment

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Anti-dust consolidation surface treatment based on silicates and siloxanes in water dispersion.STABILGUARD is a consolidating liquid consisting of non-toxic binders that ensures the stabilization of the fine fraction of the aggregates constituting the paving in stabilized earth and the consequent abatement of the dust with high penetration capacity.

STABILGUARD è prodotto in esclusiva per TERRA SOLIDA
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Vetitë themelore


Jetëgjatësia: 6 muaj


Pa tretës


Pesha specifike: 1.35 kg/dm³

Veçoritë teknike


10-12 mm²/m

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- E tejdukshme

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- Bidon 25 kg


The construction of dirt roads or the creation of areas with high environmental characteristics allow us to create paving in earth that represents an increasingly sought-after solution in many contexts.The performance requirements of the dirt roads oblige, however, the planner and the operator of the road to face a series of problems that make the routes unworkable or dangerous.Azichem proposes an environmentally friendly solution, STABILGUARD, able to solve the problems associated with the continuous stabilization and consolidation of dirt roads in its broadest applications.Its use increases the useful life of the road, lengthening the time of maintenance and thus reducing the costs connected to it.The application of STABILGUARD on paving in stabilized earth develops a solid and totally bonded surface, eliminating the formation of dust due to the passage of vehicles.Ideal for the environment because it is totally environmentally friendly, it does not pollute the groundwater, does not affect the vegetation, does not alter the PH of the soil and is able to decrease the propagation of PM 10 and PM 2.5 dust.

Fushat e përdorimit

Anti-dust consolidation treatment for roads in stabilized earth.

Përgatitja e shtresave

The paving must be free from organic or mineral surface deposits and generally "clean".

Mënyra e përdorimit

STABILGUARD must be applied by means of low-pressure airless nebulization on the surface of the paving, in a minimum quantity of 100 g/m² for each treatment.The product can be used either as a curative/consolidating treatment of paving that is dusty, for example, linked to an incorrect maturation, and also as a maintenance treatment, to be applied initially (immediately following the correct maturation of the paving) and therefore periodically, for the preservation of the optimum efficiency and durability of the paving itself.

Mënyrat e përdorimit

- Spërkatje pa ajrim me presion të ulët.

- Spruco

Mjetet e pastrimit

- Ujë

Shtresat e lejuara

- Rrugët dhe asfaltimi në tokë të stabilizuar

Paralajmërime, masa paraprake dhe Ekologji

To define the dosage of STABILGUARD it is necessary to carry out an analysis activity in which the data relating to the site to be treated are collected such as the morphology, the traffic intensity, the transit loads and the rainfall intensity.Based on this data and the soil sample, the laboratory determines the optimal quantity of STABILGUARD for the initial treatment of the road and the subsequent maintenance.The dose for standard ground varies from 150 to 250 gr/m².The periodic maintenance treatment with STABILGUARD must have an annual frequency, however, to be verified according to the evolution of the state of the surface of the same paving over time.

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STABILGUARD è prodotto in esclusiva per Terra Solida

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