Hardener, sealant, water-repellent, thickener, consolidating and protective

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Hardener, sealant and thickener QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT is a protective treatment against salts and powder that is transparent, odourless and complies from a VOC point of view, with a water base and safe for the environment. It can harden, seal and thicken surfaces in masonry work and concrete. Thanks to its chemical reaction with the silica materials, QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT creates a permanent water repellent layer that protects and preserves the concrete surface and various types of masonry substrates without altering the appearance and natural consistency.

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QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT is an unbeatable product. It offers all the protection of a water repellent sealant that penetrates in-depth, as well as all the advantages of the products with hardening, sealing and thickening surfaces. It reduces the sudden loss of the mixing water by evaporation, thus contributing to the improvement of the general characteristics of the finished product.
The protection from hardening and sealing salts, QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT is a patented surface treatment that penetrates and seals the concrete, reacting chemically with it to form a transparent, thick, hard, inorganic surface layer that is resistant to abrasion and water repellent.
QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT creates a corrosion-proof shield to offer greater protection against water and the salts it transports, causing erosion, deterioration and corrosion. QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT seals the micro channels, making the concrete harder and resistant to abrasion, protecting it against dust and thereby easing its maintenance. The substrates become more resistant to stains, chips, atmospheric agents, efflorescence, water invasion, fungi and mildew, wear, frost-defrost cycles and corrosion of the steel reinforcement bars. Furthermore, QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT hardens the surface and is extremely resistant to abrasion, permitting maintenance of a corrosion-proof screen and water repellent characteristics also after regular maintenance intervention, pressurised washes and in the presence of heavy traffic and heavy pedestrian passage. Permanent cohesion lasts longer than silanes, reducing maintenance costs and the appearance improves over time.
You can use QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT as an indoor or outdoor treatment for surfaces in concrete or masonry work, both vertical and horizontal. It is ideal for indoor car parks, bridge beams, concrete for outdoors, completely coloured and acidified.


Approximately 0,07 litres of QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT for every square metre of surface to be treated.

Fushat e përdorimit

Hardening, sealing, consolidating, water repellent, dust-proof and protective treatment against abrasive chlorides (salts) of industrial floors and screeds in concrete, both old and new, both grey and coloured. Aid for curing and curing measures in concrete conglomerates. Excellent intensifier of colour and sealant for acidified concrete or
completely coloured concrete, floors, tiles and slates.

Përgatitja e shtresave

The surfaces on which QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT is applied must be clean and free of foreign materials such as non-stick, hardening, oil, grease, dust, construction efflorescence, residue of walls in gypsum and so on.
You are not advised to use detergents containing citrus derivatives on concrete, however, if you use a detergent with a d-limonene base (citrus), you will need to neutralise the surface using a detergent with high pH (e.g. TSP, Tide, Cascade and so on) before applying QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT. Before applying, remove all stagnant water.

Mënyra e përdorimit

Apply using a sprayer, roller or brush on new or existing concrete surfaces. The application time on the hardened support should be 24 hours at least in the summer time. 4 - 7 days recommended for the rest of the year.

Use one airless sprayer or type HVLP to apply QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT to form an even and polished layer. Apply a quantity of QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT sufficient to keep the surface wet for 20 minutes. If the area dries quicker, apply more product. Apply at a surface and compressed air temperature between 4 °C and 38 °C (40-100 °F). If the ambient is too hot, dry or windy, dampen the concrete before applying the product to prevent instant drying.

Apply from bottom to top exerting a slight pressure using a sprayer with 10 – 25 psi (68.9 – 172 kPa) equipped with a nozzle with a flat cast. Submerge the surface up to when the quantity in excess does not extend up to 152 – 203 mm (6” - 8”) under the nozzle or prime the surfaces in such a way to create a uniform wet effect. It is appropriate to distribute an adequate quantity of product on the horizontal surface when the solution is stagnant for a few seconds before complete penetration. To ensure the product penetrates in-depth and to obtain the desired coverage ratio, you are advised to apply it on an already wet surface; repeat the treatment after 3 - 5 minutes from the initial application. You can use a brush or roller. In that case, repeat the application multiple times until the surface remains damp for approx. a minute before the solution disappears. Distribute any accumulation with a brush.

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Paralajmërime, masa paraprake dhe Ekologji

Since the porosity of the substrates and application conditions can vary considerably, AZICHEM srl cannot be held liable for any deficiencies or excessive consumption found compared to estimated performance and the coverage ratios previously indicated. To obtain precise use ratios, before application, you need to carry out a simple field test.
Ensure you have the most updated version of the safety and technical data sheet of the product.
The client is responsible for correct application of the product. Visits on site carried out by AZICHEM srl staff have the sole purpose of providing technical consultancy and not supervision of the operations or to check the quality on site.

QL NANO LITHIUM SALT FINISH is an aqueous solution of lithium silicate that uses proprietary compounds. It is a slightly alkaline treatment that can irritate the eyes and skin.
KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Only for external use. Avoid prolonged contact with the skin. Do not ingest. If ingested, do not provoke vomiting; contact a doctor. Avoid contact with eyes. You are advised to use protective clothing. You are advised to wear safety goggles to protect against sprays. If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse with plenty of clean water and contact a doctor. Wash the relevant areas carefully with soap and water. Consult the safety data sheet to take further precautions, instructions on safety and treatments for first aid. QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT can corrode glass and painted surfaces. Immediately rinse with water and detergent if the product is accidentally sprayed.
Attention: during application, surfaces wet with QL NANO LITHIUM SALT RESISTANT may be slippery.
The sale and re-sale to the public is forbidden. This product is only intended for professional use and must be applied by an authorised person or an authorised technical support worker.

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