Structural, fibre reinforced fluid mortar for very low thickness screeds

Kodi: FLR.0052

Përbërësit: 1

Pamja: Pluhur

Rheoplastic cement screed, composite , with controlled shrinkage, fluid consistency, castable, fibre-reinforced with a special mix of fibreglass and polypropylene (in steel, on request), based on high-strength cements, polymeric modifiers, anti-shrink agents, super pozzolanic reactive fillers, selected siliceous aggregates. Perfect for reconstructing the thickness of the concrete removed by milling, dimensional adjustments, structural restoration, etc.

Linee di appartenenza

Certifikata të fituara dhe Rregullore

Screed material and floor screeds - Screed material - Properties and requirements

EN 13813

Screed material and floor screeds - Screed material - Properties and requirements

Produkte dhe sisteme për mbrojtjen dhe riparimin e strukturave në beton – Riparime strukturore dhe jo strukturore (R4)

EN 1504-3

Produkte dhe sisteme për mbrojtjen dhe riparimin e strukturave në beton – Riparime strukturore dhe jo strukturore (R4)

EN 13813

C60 F7

EN 13813

Vetitë themelore


I pandezshëm


Jetëgjatësia: 12 muaj


Përmasa maksimale e agregatit: 5 mm


Përzierja me ujë: 11-13 %


Pot life: 60 min


Produkt në dukje


Rezistent ndaj rrezeve UV


Temperatura e aplikimit: +5 / +35 °C


Trashësia maksimale e lejueshme: 50 mm


Trashësia minimale e lejueshme: 20 mm

Veçoritë teknike

Lidhja e aderimit

2.0 N/mm²

Masa vëllimore

2300 kg/m³

Moduli elastik

28000 N/mm²

Përthitha kapilare

0.36 kg•h^0.5/m²

Rezistenca në ngjeshje pas 01 dite

> 30 N/mm²

Rezistenca në ngjeshje pas 28 ditësh

> 65 N/mm²

Rezistenca në përkulje pas 01 ditë

> 5 N/mm²

Rezistenca në përkulje pas 28 ditësh

> 9 N/mm²

Wear resistance

6.5 cm³/50cm²

Ngjyrat në dispozicion

- Gri

Amballazhime dhe përmasa

- Qese 25 kg


Approximately 19 kg/m² of FLOOR Q for every centimetre of thickness to be implemented (approximately 1900 kg per cubic metre).

Fushat e përdorimit

Repair and cladding industrial concrete floors, structural restoration, dimensional adjustments, increases in the resistant section, reconstruction of the thickness of the concrete removed by milling, etc.

Përgatitja e shtresave

The surfaces of application should be clean and free of any soiling, crumbling and non-adhering parts, dust, etc., saturated with water.

In the case of surfaces to be rebuilt after milling, the areas of reconstruction will have to be in as regular a shape as possible (as similar to a square as possible); the thickness should be as homogeneous as possible; finally the section of the pre-existing flooring to be filled should be reminiscent of the shape of a trapezium which widens toward the bottom (this is in order to anchor the "patch" perfectly in the seat of reconstruction and to avoid its detachment, given the slightly expansive properties of the product).

Mënyra e përdorimit

It is necessary to provide a suitable bonding bridge between the part to be reconstructed and the reconstruction material. There are 2 alternative ways of doing this:
- Roll out the specific epoxy primer on the prepared surface, using a roller or a brush, for structural construction joints SYNTECH RGS.
- Prepare adequate additional reinforcement, parallel to the bottom of the reconstruction, consisting of electrowelded mesh (2 mm wire, 5x5 cm mesh) at a distance from the bottom of half the thickness, attached to the bottom itself by "L"-shaped steel bars, with improved adhesion and a diameter of 8 mm, inserted in holes and secured by expansive cement micro-mortar GROUT MICRO-J or polyester resin in a two-compartment extrudable cartridge PROFIX.

For the preparation of the mortar insert 2/3 of the total mix water in the mixer, gradually add the product and the remaining water, until you obtain a uniform mix of the desired consistency. Pour the mixture prepared in the seat of reconstruction, prop it up and level it until it is perfectly smooth.

Mënyrat e përdorimit

- Rrjedhje

- Mistri

- Mallë

- Shpatull

- Straight edge

Mjetet e pastrimit

- Ujë

Shtresat e lejuara

- Beton

- Nënshtresa çimentoje

Paralajmërime, masa paraprake dhe Ekologji

Do not apply with direct exposure to sunlight and/or in ambient temperatures below +5°C; cure the protection and the prolonged moist hardening of exposed surfaces.

Do not use restoration for at least 4 days after their completion.

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