Emulsifiable anti-adhesive release agent for wood shuttering

Kodi: ADX.0032

Përbërësit: 1

Pamja: I lëngshëm

Anti-adhesive release agent, emulsifiable in water, based on aromatic alkylates and specific agents, for easy removal of wooden formworks during dismantling. To be applied by spraying or roller to formworks dry and free of any soiling.

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Vetitë themelore


Pesha specifike: 0.90 kg/dm³


Përzierja me ujë: 1:10 / 1:20 _


Temperatura e aplikimit: +5 / +35 °C


Jetëgjatësia: 12 muaj

Veçoritë teknike


7 _

Ngjyrat në dispozicion

- portokall

Amballazhime dhe përmasa

- Bidon 25 l

- Fusto 220 l


DISTAK-L is emulsifiable with water in concentrations between 1:10 and 1:20. The action of DISTAK-L is of physical type: the properly emulsified and applied product forms an extremely thin separating film between the formwork and the fresh concrete, allowing easy detachment and surfaces free from stains and soiling.


With 1 litre of DISTAK-L, correctly applied, it is possible to treat approximately 50 m² of wooden formwork.

Fushat e përdorimit

Release treatments for concrete castings in normal and pre-coated wooden formworks.

Mënyra e përdorimit

DISTAK-L is a product that is ready to be emulsified in water at a concentration between 1:10 and 1:20. To obtain a correct emulsion it is essential to add the product to water and not vice versa. It is necessary to mix slowly and carefully, until a white, stable emulsion is obtained. With one litre of DISTAK-L, correctly applied, you can treat roughly about 50 m² of wood formwork.

Caution: exceeding the product quantity can endanger the success of the casting.
It is not suitable for metal formworks.
Do not use this product with dilutions higher than those specified as they may not be stable and they are not effective.

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- Brushë

- Rrul

- Spruco

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- Ujë

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- Dru

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