Specific transparent reinforcement for cultural heritage restoration

Kodi: CSX.0027

Përbërësit: 1

Pamja: I lëngshëm

Transparent penetrating consolidator, for natural stones, ornamental stone elements, mineral plasters and in general for the restoration of cultural heritage. It consists of ethyl esters of silicic acid in solvent, hardening by reaction with atmospheric humidity. It is applied by spraying at low pressure, until the treated surfaces are rejected, in order to guarantee an extremely deep consolidation.

Linee di appartenenza

Vetitë themelore


Jetëgjatësia: 6 muaj


Material i ndezshëm


Pesha specifike: 0.92 kg/dm³


Rezistent ndaj rrezeve UV


Temperatura e aplikimit: +10 / +25 °C

Veçoritë teknike


< 21 °C

Not to be diluted

Substancë aktive

70 %

Ngjyrat në dispozicion

- E tejdukshme

Amballazhime dhe përmasa

- Bidon 10 l

- Bidon 5 l


The ethyl esters of the silicic acid, which are the fundamental constituents of CONSILEX ST, penetrate the degraded and depleted wall fabric of the originating connective bonds, reconstructing a stable, insoluble binder matrix that is resistant to water, to UV radiation, and to naturally harsh substances. The reinforcement occurs without giving rise to foreign and/or harmful salts and without involving colour variations.

It can be conveniently used in combination with the transparent non-pellicular water repellent treatment CONSILEX ALTRAIN.


Approximately 0.2 litres of CONSILEX ST per square metre of surface to be treated, based on the porosity of the support.

Fushat e përdorimit

Reinforcement, by adding silicic bonds, of manufactured goods and coatings made of porous stone: sandstone, trachyte, tufas, bricks, mineral plasters, terracotta, conglomerates, etc. Especially recommended for restoration interventions on architectural, monument and building works of historic significance.

Përgatitja e shtresave

The application media should be clean and dry; where necessary the cleaning should be carried out exclusively with demineralised water.

Mënyra e përdorimit

The product should be applied until "rejection", by low pressure spraying (maximum 0.5 bar). In situations of particular degradation a second application may be required after 10-20 days. Preliminary tests should always be carried out depending on the heterogeneity of stone materials, to determine the level and effectiveness of the reinforcement obtainable, the effective absorption of the product, the absence of changes in colour etc..

Remove any excess with Nitro thinner.
Do not apply in the presence of direct exposure to sunlight of surfaces.
Complete solution reaction will be obtained after about 4 weeks from the day of application.

Mënyrat e përdorimit

- Brushë

- Spruco

Mjetet e pastrimit

- Diluent Nitro

- UNI solvent

Shtresat e lejuara

- Suva

- Tulla

- Shtuf

- Muratura të përziera

- Muratura me gurë

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