Natural hydraulic lime 3,5

Kodi: ADX.0010

Përbërësit: 1

Pamja: Pluhur

Natural hydraulic lime, hazel-coloured, obtained through firing, in a vertical oven in refractory stone and bricks, at temperatures of 1100°C, of constant quality select marly limestones, specific for mortars, plasters and substrate screeds in ecological building works and in interventions of historical and monument restoration.

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Kodi doganor
2522 3000

Linee di appartenenza

Vetitë themelore


Jetëgjatësia: 12 muaj


Pesha specifike: 2.6 g/cm³


Pot life: 5 h


Temperatura e aplikimit: +5 / +35 °C

Veçoritë teknike

Apparent density

0.65 / 0.75 g/cm³


11.7 _

Rezistenca në ngjeshje pas 28 ditësh

> 3.5 N/mm²

Ngjyrat në dispozicion

- Hazel

Amballazhime dhe përmasa

- Qese 20 kg


CALCESANA NOCCIOLA is the result of a firing process which, due to the inherent properties of the furnace, and to stringent controls, takes place at temperatures of 1100°C. CALCESANA NOCCIOLA is reduced to a very fine powder with traditional grinding processes unchanged over time. CALCESANA NOCCIOLA confers remarkable breathability properties to mortars and plasters, as well as outstanding characteristics of resistance to chloride penetration and corrosion from sulphate waters, even with high values of free carbon dioxide. CALCESANA NOCCIOLA is characterised by low soluble salt content, by the total absence of cement and chemical additives, and by its high inhibiting power against bacteria and biodeteriogenic settlements (moulds etc.).


From 250 to 450 kg of CALCESANA NOCCIOLA for each cubic meter of dough to be made.

Fushat e përdorimit

CALCESANA NOCCIOLA is used in the preparation of mortars for masonry and internal and external plasters on site.

Mënyra e përdorimit

Extend mixing times for at least 5'. Apply on supports saturated with water, with dry surface. Do not add chemical additives without consulting our Technical Service first. Cure the convenient and prolonged moist hardening of fresh mortars and plasters. Protect the fresh mortars and plasters from direct exposure to the sun and ventilation.

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- Ujë

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